With a camera visited 12 countries and more than 45 cities in the world.
Love for photography was born in childhood. Father photograph, grandfather artist. In the photo below, my grandfather Nikolai is at his easel. He drew with one hand, since he lost the fingers on his left hand as a child.

In the second photo, Dad, Anatoly.

Curator of the site viewbug.com (community of photographers and the best contests from famous sponsors). Ibid won second place in the photo contest "Straight Roads".
TOP 100 competition "Travel with the club" Russian photo "2018.
Twice my work entered the short-list of the international competition 35awards. 2017 and 2018. TOP 10% of the best photographers of the Winter Landscape contest 35awards.


35awards 2018: Based on the ranking of the 3 best works, entered the TOP 50 photographers in the nomination "Black and white". Participants in the third stage were only 3053 people. A total of 112268 people from 172 countries took part. In total, 392 thousand photographs were submitted for the photo award.


I paint with pastels.