Hello dear photo lovers!

You brought interesting pictures and memories from the trip! You have photos from the hike, walks, celebrations. Just favorite photos. Only they seem dull and lifeless to you. Everything is fixable! I will correct your favorite photos and breathe life into them!

Without intermediaries and extra costs I will perform the basic processing of your images. I will correct light, contrast, I will recover colors, I will eliminate obvious defects of skin (if it is necessary for you). My love for photos and Photoshop will breathe life into your priceless frames! An example you can see on this page.

The minimum amount of work included in the basic processing: correction of light / shadows, brightness, contrast, color, noise, the elimination of obvious skin defects (if you need it) and red eyes. If there is a need for additional manipulations, I do them as part of basic processing and I don’t ask for an additional fee.

Base processing cost:

up to 10 photos - 1 $ per photo

from 10 to 25 photos - 0,9 $ per photo

over 25 photos - 0,8 $ per photo

If you have a very favorite frame that you want to give an artistic look to, I will do this artistic processing with great pleasure. Photography will gain new life and you will enjoy your favorite memories with new, even brighter accents! You can indicate your desires, or rely on my vision of the plot. We can combine our ideas and translate them into the final result!

Art processing involves deep processing of a photo: the use of brightness masks, various filters and effects, the diversity of which depends on the plot, composition and quality of the source file. The final photo will look natural.

Cooperation is possible in order to perform other tasks.

The cost of artistic processing of one photo is 15 $.

You can contact me in the form of feedback below, or in one of the social networks (the desired social network button below).


Basic processing

Art processing